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Jamu for Mothers
Chandra Baby Massage          30 minute session | $40.00

The baby massage combines rhythmic movements and an affectionate touch, providing not only comfort and security, but also aids in proper growth development and relieves discomforts from colic to constipation. The massage will also help regulate baby’s sleep and most of all, establish a bond between parent and child.          

Note: Baby massage is offered to babies 1 month and older only.

Chandra Prenatal Herbal Therapy          1 hour session | $100.00

A stress relieving therapy using Swedish massage to help relax muscle tension, and improve lymphatic and blood circulation. It is a wonderful way to help alleviate many discomforts of pregnancy, as well as promote a sense of well being during a period of added physical, spiritual and emotional stress.

At Chandra, we offer side-laying and semi-reclining positions for our prenatal massages. Both positions are considered the safest, most comfortable and increase blood flow to the heart.           

(Mothers-to-be with normal, low-risk pregnancies can benefit greatly from our prenatal therapy offered by our professional licensed massage therapists. However, if you are in your 1st trimester or have a high-risk pregnancy, you should consult your physician before coming in for a treatment. If at any time during the prenatal massage you experience discomfort, inform your therapist immediately.)         
Chandra Jamu Postnatal Herbal Therapy

This is a 5/10/15-day intensive treatment program, combining traditional Malay massage techniques, herbalism, and abdominal binding to restore the well being, energy, and pre-pregnancy bodies of new mothers. Therapy should commence 5-7 days after normal delivery, and 4-6 weeks after caesarean delivery. 

Postnatal Treatment Plan - 2 hour session

Herbal Bath & Feminine Wash - Helps regain energy, cleanse, soothes, heals and tighten the vaginal muscles.

Sauna “Mandi Wap” - For the elimination of toxins, and relaxation. (Not available for Confinement Therapy at this time)

Full Body Scrub - Detoxify, revitalize and smooth the skin.

Deep Acupressure & Hot Rock Foot & Hand Massage - Stimulates circulation, soothes and calms.

Herbal Full Body Deep Tissue Massage - Promotes blood circulation, release water retention, and help tone the body, especially the   abdominals.

Herbal Paste - For migraines or headaches.

Breast Massage - Relieves breast engorgement and promotes lactation.

Hot Rock Massage - Helps break down fat and shrink the womb to help regain pre-pregnancy body. Contract the uterus wall and vaginal muscles. Drains waste from body and help soothe sore muscles and promote general health.

Herbal Tummy Wrap - A firming herbal paste is applied on the belly and bound with a binder. It helps to push up and shrink the uterus, align the spine, and keeps the “wind” out.

Baby Massage - Comforts baby, promotes proper growth development, eases colic and constipation and helps baby sleep better.

Postnatal Rice Tea - An original Chandra recipe to help replenish nutrients and rejuvenate.

(All packages include Tummy Binder, Bath Herbs, Feminine Wash, Body Scrub, Baby Colic Oil, Baby Massage Oil, Baby Massage Instruction & Nourishing Tea – A $195.00 value)


Note: Confinement therapy is highly recommended for caesarean delivery. In confinement therapy, our therapists will offer treatments in the comforts of your home. Unfortunately, we are currently only able to make house visits in the close neighborhoods of Queens, NY only.