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Elixir of Nature...
Heritage Healing...
Timeless Serenity...
21 Jerusalem Avenue Hicksville, NY 11801
718.888.7822 | 917.309.8862
Welcome to Chandra Beauty in Wellness Center

Experience the journey of optimum health, rejuvenation and relaxation.

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves in creating wellness, harmony and balance of well-being through our passion in herbal healing arts.

At Chandra, we incorporate basic principles of traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine, as well as ancient Thai/ Malaysian/ Indonesian tribal herbalism. The use of herbs at our center takes the form of fusions or teas, topical creams and ointment, hot and cold compresses, poultices, and steam that is scented with various combinations of herbs.

Come pamper yourself with our authentic Asian Herbal Therapeutic Massage for most medical problems, injuries or relaxation and to rejuvenate your body and mind.
" It is with great pride and passion I share my knowledge and the healing secrets of traditional Asian herbalism bestowed to me by my heritage. As I devote to heal all in mind, body and soul, I wish you inner tranquility and wellness in health."

~Suzzane, Owner